Project 4.1 was a US government program that sets out to test the effects of nuclear fallout. They conducted experiments and medical studies on the  on the inhabitants of the Marshall Islands for many years followed by a cover up campaign.
This motion graphics piece sets out to explain the events. Sound designer: Itzel Gonzalez Estrada
When I came across project 4.1 I was shocked. It was incredible that I hadn't known of this earlier. It was a  colossal error which led to many deaths and mass displacement of a people and a culture that prevails to this day.  I felt that I should try to explain my research to inform in a motion graphics piece.

Once I had selected the facts that I felt were significant and could create a cohesive narrative in a short space of time, I set about looking at different visual references to inspire the a design that could represent the serious tone in a documentary form.
I was particularly inspired by the work of William Larson who was an American photographer who used technology in experimental photographic art. He was one of the first ones to create slit scan photography and use a fax machine to convert photographs to audio code.

I created my own textures by layering paper and using a photocopy machine.
This was developed to become the overarching style of the piece.
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