A promo for the Honda E that sets out to show off its features in a unique and fun way. The project was completed whilst at The National Film and Television School with sound composer Ariella Koorlander and sound designer Itzel Gonzalez Estrada. I wanted to envisage an unearthly environment where perhaps the Honda E would be conceived. It was my first time rendering in Redshift in C4D.
Design and animation - Kalai Yung
Sound Composer-  Ariella Koorlander
Sound Designer - Itzel Gonzalez Estrada

Work in progress
One of the initial stages was to determine the kind of structures, forms, mechanisms that might have existed in the different departments in the factory. 
The departments were chosen to show off the features of the Honda E. 
One of the main considerations in terms of modelling and animation  was what was achievable in the time frame.
Modelling and early simulation tests.
Wireframe renders and texturing.
This was my first time using Redshift and adapting to the node system for material was a learning curve I hadn't anticipated and ate into the animation time.
Originally the colour palate and setting was lighter, bright, daytime but I thought it lacked drama as everything was immediate and it also reduced the ability to use lights to highlight and create mystery. 
I decided to use a dark background so I could use neon and emission materials to highlight and reveal areas and also help the camera navigate the space.
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